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A new beginning

January 20
by bossleypark 20. January 2014 12:30



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2014 marks a new beginning for the Bossley Park Centre. We are very excited to be moving to a new location. The team has been very busy over the past week sanding, painting, running power, cleaning and very soon acting like removalists. We would like to send a very special thank you to our local fire brigade that paid us a visit on Friday after we set off the smoke alarm with too much sanding! They do such an awesome job and I did feel a sense of relief in how quickly they respond to the alarms.

So after running a week behind schedule I am happy to report we are back on track. Telstra is at the centre as we speak connecting the new phone lines and they will connect the ADSL tomorrow (woo hoo!!!!), carpet will go in tomorrow and then all the furniture will be moved in on Wednesday. New assessments will start on Friday and the teaching recommences on Tuesday.

Yesterday as we were leaving the centre I stood in absolute amazement at how wonderful it looked. What a fantastic team we have at Kip McGrath. We worked 17 hour days all weekend to catch up so thank you to Mark, Philip, Emma, Mitch and Andy - WE DID IT! We achieved great success. This is going to be the inspiration that I want to use for the year. When a student arrives for their initial assessment they may feel a bit defeated (we certainly did last week) but when they have achieved their goal I want them to look back in the centre with the same sense of achievement as I did yesterday.


I love new begins.

I will share some photos soon.







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